It’s been 6 years long after Abilene Christian University students joined Football Bowl Subdivision games, and now they are part of the Division I games. But there hasn’t been any game bigger than this Saturday’s opener game!

Next Football Opens 2018 Season

The next match is going to be conducted at the McLane Stadium on 1st of September in Waco. Also, the match is going to be the biggest for the Big 12 opponent after their jump from the NCAA division in the year 2013. All the players, as well as the coaches, understand the importance of the game and the opportunity they are getting.

ACU players, coach gears up for their next Football Opens 2018 Season

ACU team’s head coach for the 2nd year, Mr. Dorrel is excited about the match which is going to be played against the Bears with the 140-seated stadium. He has coached and also played at the DII Northwest Missouri State which has a population of 12,000 residents. So, before taking up the job for ACU, he was with the Missouri University.

On asking about the tournament, Dorrel says – “For me, this game is a completely neat experience. I am recalling my days of school where I started off playing as a 2A litter high school football. It’s not just me, but the whole coaching staff is going to be present for the game.

Then, we met Luke Antony who is the ACU sophomore, he says – “It was always his dream to play for top football teams like the Big 12. We are playing for both the off-down seasons as well. As a team, we will be giving it our all that we would and will see how it all goes.”

Though ACU playing against the Baylor for the first time, this is not the first time for the Wildcats getting an opportunity to play a big game like this one. The team has played against the Southern Miss in the year 1962 losing the game by 30-0! Whereas ACU has played with the Texas Tech for about 9 times, with a score of 3-6 average.

Hit the McLane Stadium on 1st September, 7 pm to watch some live action between the Baylor and the ACU players. It’s the season opener for both the teams.

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