We love playing mobile games, isn’t it?

But not all of them impresses us. What does a normal person expect out of a Mobile Game? Number one – it should be entertaining or challenging and Fun of course. Number two – is all about the User Interface (UI). UI is the way the mobile game is seen on the mobile screen or that part of the application where the user interaction takes place.

Addictive Mobile Gaming App

How to Create a Mobile Gaming App that Everyone wants to Play

UI and technical stuff matters for a gaming app, while on the other end the app must be easy to play and relaxing too. Something that can make your 3 hours journey fun, is also another sign of a Great Gaming App. We can say that it’s a balance of quality UI mixed with an engaging storyline.

Again! Not all the mobile users have the same kind of interests. To clear out the confusion, I analyzed different apps and wrote down the major qualities they have in common. This should probably answer your query.

♦ A Badass Intro – Never Underestimate the Power of it!

If I download a mobile game and see a dull intro – I would probably uninstall that app.

Once you are set with the game, put an extra effort on the game intro and the music that surrounds it. Make sure that the music has power, and suits well with the theme of the app.

♦¬†Gaming is for killing it, and not for wasting. Know that thin line of difference.

For this, first of all, put yourself in the place of the user who is trying your application for the first time. Before listing out all the functions of the game, make him understand the game properly and give them the right confidence of playing.

♦ Quality Testing and Upgrading for Better User Experience

Don’t rush with the app. Once the app is ready, you can make its Beta version available to the users. Ask them out for the feedbacks, and do the changes that you feel to do.

This will help the users get a better app experience, and you get the appreciation. Testing can also be performed during the developing stage, it’s upto you how you want to follow.

Hope this mini-guide helped you in solving the queries! Feel free to shoot your questions below. And yes, don’t forget to follow our page!

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