Gaming is what we say, and gaming is what we do – this quote goes really well with John who is the actual mastermind behind this website.

What is JFK-reloaded about?

John Driscoll had this plan to post game reviews while he was in his college. But JFK has now emerged from just a review website to a scoring platform which is more user interactive than before. Listing out the qualities which make the website stand out from others-

  • Reviews are not a single-user based. We give in the review, and then keep a poll open for all our readers, and get an average of it.
  • We don’t have a huge team, instead, have a compact one that delivers the best performance in their respective work.
  • To deliver only the right and unbiased game review.
  • Check out what’s new and notable updates of the week or month!

That’s what we do, day and night. But it’s fun!

Job Openings @ JFK-reloaded

Regarding the new recruitments, we already are a team, 4 individuals. But yes, we are in search of new, capable writers and gamers out there. If you are up for writing or someone who is crazy about games, then send in your resumes to JFK-reloaded @

– John’s Team